"You can't run and you can't hide, when your enemy is inside"

In the time since the simultaneous release of his debut album ('Ground Provisions') and his first volume of poetry ('Love, Universes, All Things'), Kevin Reigh has been busy plotting his course; the next step along his journey.  Indeed, after much trial and error, the lyrics to Run (a new track that will appear on ‘Idle Hands’, his upcoming album) could not be more appropriate.  There is nowhere to run nor is there anywhere to hide when your enemy is inside.  After facing his own “enemies”, Kevin has emerged focused and energized.  

The tracks 'Temptation', 'Kill You' and 'Run' set the tone for what promises to be an exciting mix of spoken word and song.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Kevin's work reflects the heart and soul of a man drawing upon diverse and disparate influences.  Committed to exploring the links and connections between what is written, what is said, what is heard and what is read, Kevin has worked with musicians, dancers and actors to hone his craft. 

Kevin has performed at "Experience the Vibe", "The Skiffle in My Ear", "The Art of Peace Exhibit, "blesSings & abundance, Harbourfront Centre’s Masala, Mehndi, Masti festival, Vibrant Frequency, dance Immersion’s showcase presentation at the du Maurier Theatre, Creating For the Cure and Ankobea.

Kevin also appeared on the radio program Wortu, poku nanga sabi (Words, Music and Wisdom) in Amsterdam, NL

Kevin was commissioned to write original pieces of poetry for several dance groups and presentations including Revived (May 2003) and Integration (November 2003) and also contributed a spoken word piece entitled “The Real Deal”, to Paranoid Jack’s acclaimed album of electronic and house music “The Last of the Funky Cyborgs”.  His work was also included in “T-Dot Griots: An anthology of Toronto’s Black Storytellers” (2004).